Yunnan Pact

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The Yunnan Pact is a military and economic alliance made up of Osorra, Nanwen, and Rovsnoska. It is thought to be a successor to the previous Sosnivika Accord that existed before the collapse of communism in Osorra and the UPRZ. The Pact has no ideological goals, mainly it supports "a balance of power in the global stage", "free and open commerce", "mutual nonintervention", and "the commercial interests of member-states". The members states have a common market between them, with similar regulatory standards, and no tariffs. Member-states engage in significant military cooperation and have a mutual defense clause between them. Member-states are also required to make all intelligence open to other members and allow other member-states to operate police forces on their border if necessary. While the bloc doesn't have an ideology - some have speculated it is basically Internationalism.

The bloc is primarily opposed to Yarovar interests while having amicable ties with most other blocs in Anterra. In particular its members-states are often used as intermediaries for trade and negotiations between the states of the North-South Concordant and ICOSEC. Navies of member states operate heavily in the Tethys and help defend commerce.