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11 March 2024

  • curprev 07:2007:20, 11 March 2024Anikatia talk contribsm 4,157 bytes −24 No edit summary
  • curprev 07:0407:04, 11 March 2024Anikatia talk contribs 4,181 bytes +4,181 Created page with "{{Vignette Start|Deliverance Under Fire|Eastern Border of Kodeshia|July 24th, 1955}} {{drop|T}}he heat was oppressive, the humidity clung to your skin and sapped your strength. Corporal Chen was hunkered down behind the remnants of a stone wall, his uniform drenched with sweat. The outpost had been ravaged by the Selengerian artillery, the buildings reduced to rubble and debris. {{Indent vig}}Chen fired a burst at the advancing Selengerians, the rifle..."