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Location of the YZAGA zone in Eastern Artemia
Location of the YZAGA zone in Eastern Artemia
Secretariat Chaykoboksarsk, Yarova
Official languages Yarovan, Aukalnian, Sartish, Peremorovkan, Kryzhelov
Type Free trade area
• Secretary General
Krasimir Yushakov
• Council Chair
• Agreement signed
2 October 2012 (11 years ago) (2012-10-02)
• Agreement entered into force
16 May 2014 (10 years ago) (2014-05-16)

The Agreement between the United Federated Districts of Yarova, United Zaporizhia, the United Republics of Aukalnia and Sartland, and the Graznava People’s Republic (YZAGA) is a free trade area consisting of four East Artemian states: Yarova, Zaporizhia, Aukalnia and Sartland, and Graznava. The agreement was signed in Chaykoboksarsk on 2 October 2012, and came into force in May 2014.

The impetus for an East Artemian free trade zone began with Yarovan President Nikita Chekudayev, who made the idea part of his 2010 presidential campaign, shortly following Zaporizhia’s implementation of perestroika and glasnost. The passage of YZAGA resulted in the elimination of barriers to trade and Yarovan investment, particularly in Zaporizhia and the Graznava People’s Republic. The agreement included the improvement of transportation infrastructure between the member states. YZAGA is regarded as a crucial aspect of the peace process in the long-term aftermath of the Yaro-Aukalnian War and the United Provinces of Rovsnoska and Zaporizhia’s violent collapse, both of which occurred in the 1990s. There exists a broad consensus among economic analysists that YZAGA has been beneficial to each state’s respective economies, including Yarova.


General secretaries

State Name Year
Yarova Nikolai Shurgin 2012-2017
Zaporizhia Krasimir Yushakov 2017