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The World Indigenous People's Organisation is a international organisation promoting the welfare, recognition and rights of indigenous populations throughout Anterra. The current Secretary-General is Dido Hi'Otutmaquech, from Thuyiquakliq, only the second female Secretary-General of the organisations 50 year history.

WIPO Headquarter's Building, Dokaduik, Thuyiquakliq


It was formed in Willkapampa, SiWallqanqa, in 1967. Initially funded solely by the SiWallqanqan government, as the Cuazi people of Cuaziland lacked governmental recognition, as did the Quechan people of Akhali Kartvelia, and the various other indigenous groups throughout Avalonia.

In 1973, contact was made with Thuyiquakliq, who agreed to join the Organisation, facilitating the effort to include Indigenous groups throughout Artemia and Kesh.


The largest source of funding until 1998, was the Royal Household of SiWallqanqa's Private Portfolio. Since then international fundraising, donations, various governmental allowances and funding benefits, have provided the source of income to continue the struggle for indigenous rights.

Current Members

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  • SiWallqanqa - Founding Member
  • Cuaziland - probably not governmental support?
  • Native people from Brigantica
  • Akhali Kartvelia - Quechan minority founding members, later state sanctioned
  • Thuyiquakliq - Joined 1973
  • Goidelic peoples - observer members, not permitted membership under Tiperyn hostilities
  • Yucatec - founding member?
  • Tavaluda - Joined 1974(?)

Criticism and Controversy

WIPO has caused some controversy in recent years, as they have voiced support for the continuation of hunting practices carried out by indigenous peoples upon endangered species, despite national laws, and also for the continuation of some hunting and slaughtering methods considered needlessly harmful.

In addition the WIPO has also been criticised for attempting to enforce itself upon traditional medicinal practices of Indigenous peoples, citing the proven modern medical techniques, at the expense of cultural heritage.

Rivalry with Pan-Avalonian Union

In 1986, after several arguments and cases were brought forth indicating a large conflict of interest with the Pan-Avalonian Union and the WIPO both being based in Willkapampa, SiWallqanqa, it was decided to move the headquarters of the WIPO. The new chosen city was Dokaduik, Thuyiquakliq, with the decision made to invest in a long term facility, leading to the construction of the WIPO Headquarter's Building.