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All in a Day's Work

Addressed to the Chief of the Sicherheitspolizei
July 26th, 1971

rom the office of the Sicherheitspolizei, Special Activities Group:

Civilian unrest is on the rise despite media campaign efforts from the Ministry of Communications. Hotspots in El Haud, Avarino, and Alvastadt continue to persist. Suspected communist infiltration in underground protester network. Moles are currently gathering information. The main groups of interest are working-class Aravan and Thalassian peoples and young adults currently undergoing post-secondary education. Suspected communist infiltration in higher education institutions and workers’ unions (both state-controlled and illegal).

Suspects of high priority:

Constantin de La Rocque; Minister for Transportation. Suspected ties to communist groups.

Kaarim al-Sadri; Chief Editor for the El Haud Tagesschau. Suspected ties to insurgent groups.

Aarif al-Darwish; Leader of the Aravan Steelworkers’ Association. Suspected ties to communist groups.

Markus Roth; President of Alvastadt Imperial University. Suspected communist sympathizer.

David Athanallis; Mayor of Pyrgos. Suspected ties to communist groups.

Gereon Ritter; Secretary to Minister for Communications. Suspected spy for communist regime.

Kassandra Geroti; Member of the Reichstag. Suspected communist sympathizer.

Aris Logotis; head of the Logotis merchant family. Suspected communist sympathizer.

Recently terminated persons of interest:

Basim el-Abdullah; Chief Editor for the Saiyadh Tagesschau. July 22. Distributing foreign propaganda.

Elias Kormilis; mail sorter at Neapolis Postal Distribution Center. July 22. Spy.

Hazm el-Ramadan; aide to the Governor of the East Bank. July 23. Theft of state secrets.

Wilhelm Koch; nurse at Neuamden General Hospital. July 23. Spy.

Ebert Vogt; student at Alvastadt Imperial University. July 23. Gave refuge to foreign agents.

Wolfram Ludwig; CFO at Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft AG. July 25th. Funded communist activities.

Erwin Tiedemann; secretary to above. July 25th. Spy.

Kimon Andretzis; Generaloberst. July 25th. Theft of state secrets.

Attached are complete versions of the lists.

Long live the Kaiser. Long live Alva.

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