Vignette:A Professor's Woe

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A Professor's Woe

University of Mehmet, Mehmet State
March 13th, 2024


ith tired red eyes, Hans limped back from work. His face was wrinkled and drooping down, shadows encircled his aging eyes, his hair was slowly graying.... Once a young man, he had aged into his current state, a middling professor in a foreign land. He steadily hummed a royalist song of his youth.

"I. Heil dir im Siegerkranz,

Herrscher des Vaterlands!

Heil, Kaiser, dir!

𝄆 Fühl in des Thrones Glanz

Die hohe Wonne ganz,

Liebling des Volks zu sein!

Heil Kaiser, dir!"

He was still serving a Kaiser - just a Turkish one. The parade music of old Goetia still played on the streets of the city occasionally. Toned down Imperial Goetic regalia adorned some of the troops, in order to bolster the pride of the king. But aside from the occasional imperial regalia, Mehmet was very much a modern place. Sports cars roared through the city - drugs, sex scandals, pornography and financial fraud penetrated through the highest ranks of the Crown. Many of his old royalist buddies who had risen to the top had gotten involved, even led them. "Of course the Kodeshi are far worse" - he murmmed to himself unconfidently.

In his youth he was given a vision of a grand Goetic Empire. One that had conquered much of the world and civilised many disperate peoples. One that was reviving the grand pharonic empires of old. Subverted by Communists, Republicans, and traitors. As a young man he prepared himself for the final war against the subverters, he shot small airguns at a many ducks. When the Democratic Reformation happened his family fled to this desert land. Mehmet was seen back then as the backwaters of Kesh, as a land full of illiterate nomads and gamblers with nothing left to lose. Perhaps... it is still that.

Yet, with the discovery of oil, Mehmet transformed into among one of the most wealthy places in the continent. Mehmet City went from a poor backwaters into a modern metropolis with more skyskrapers than even his hometown. Royalist exiles were often the only ones with the expertise to manage all of this. Hans decided to stay a professor. Many of his friends however, became extremely wealthy, losing many of their royalist convictions. One of the wackiest ones began to run a porn studio, where he was wearing a exaggerated costume of the Old Goetic Kaiser.

He became downcast thinking of all of this. All the signs were in Kodeshi, to do any business he had to speak in Kodeshi, and Goetic food was few and far between. He came to his bus stop that would whisk him to his tiny apartment, far away in the suburbs. He had money, but with no kids, no family, choosing to save it for the coming war to come.