Unaligned Nations Consortium

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Unaligned Nations Consortium
Dark blue: member states Light blue: former member states
Dark blue: member states
Light blue: former member states
Official languages English
Type Intergovernmental organization
0 observers
    • Chair
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    • Established
    16 April 1976

    The Unaligned Nations Consortium (UNC or the Consortium) is an Intergovernmental organization comprised of member states who are not aligned with or against major alliances of the planet of Anterra.

    The UNC was established in 1976 as a response to the growth of major, international alliances, specifically the League of Free Nations, the International Movement for Socialism, the North-South Concordant, and ECOSEAS. The member states of the UNC seek to avoid being polarized to one alliance or another and wish to cooperate and collaborate with all nations on Anterra, regardless of their economic, military, political, or social policies.

    The UNC Charter fully rejects the export of ideology and nation-building. Furthermore, it seeks to ensure the sovereignty and the territorial independence of all member states. The charter provides for cooperation amongst the member states but does not set out a formal, collective security arrangement. Member states are thereby not bound to act in support of another though through cooperation and diplomacy, the charter affords opportunities for unaligned nations to rally to the defense of one another in times of crisis. Additionally, the charter does not require one style of government over another and it encourages member states to have diplomatic and economic relations with all nations of the world, regardless of their membership in the UNC.


    Organizational Structure and Membership

    The Unaligned Nations Consortium has a very simplified structure, designed to facilitate a reduction in bureaucracy and a streamlined communications process. The main, decision-making both for the UNC is the General Assembly of the Unaligned Nations Consortium (GAUNC). Each member state appoints a single representative to the GAUNC who serves as that nation's voice within the UNC.

    The UNC is headed by a chairman and the chairmanship rotates amongst the nations once every three years. The chairman is typically the head of state of the member state. There is a provision however for chairmanship to remain with a single nation for two, consecutive terms; however, doing so requires a vote and a two-thirds majority of the member states. It is a provision to assist the UNC in times of crisis. There are no provisions for chairmanship to remain with a member state for more than two, consecutive terms. Rotation is done by order of ascension into the UNC.

    Any nation of the world may apply to join the UNC; however, they must meet a series of basic requirements. Member states are required to:

    • Respect the sovereignty and the territorial independence of all nations
    • Be independent of major alliances
    • Respect the right of each member state to defend itself singly or collectively
    • Abstain from the intervention and the interference in the internal affairs of another member state
    • Abstain from acts or threats of aggression or the use of force against the territorial or political independence of another member state
    • Settle all international disputes by peaceful means within the General Assembly of the Unaligned Nations Consortium
    • Respect each other's international obligations

    Policies and Ideology

    The UNC consists of many governments with vastly different ideologies and systems and thus, the UNC does not favor one ideology or government system over any other. The UNC does not campaign for ideological or political change around the world, nor does it wish to support such measures. The UNC endeavors to be apolitical in the international world, focusing only on cooperation amongst its member states and other nations of the world.


    The Unaligned Nations Consortium, while headquartered in Rugi, hosts major summits every three years, taking place when the chairmanship of the UNC rotates amongst the member states. Summits are held over a 6-day period (Monday to Saturday) in the member state holding the chairmanship. It is up to the specific member state to set the dates and provide the venue for the summit. All member states are invited and normally these summits are attended by the heads of state and/or government along with other governmental ministers or secretaries of the member states. During these summits, it is common to have not only meetings amongst the heads of state and/or government but also side meetings with government ministers or secretaries. There are provisions for emergency summits to be called but to date, one has not been called.

    Date Member State City Major Event(s)
    1st 9 - 13 August 1976 xxx xxx Formation of the Unaligned Nations Consortium
    2nd 7 - 12 May 1979 Samotkhe Tstelivish
    3rd 19 - 24 April 1982 Kodeshia Shangyu
    4th 9 - 14 September 1985 Chezzetcook xxx
    5th 5 - 10 December 1988 File:Flag (2).png Lusjki xxx
    6th 17 - 22 June 1991 Tilenno xxx
    7th 24 - 29 January 1994 Mursland Plovina
    8th 12 - 17 May 1997 File:HelinikanflagMK4-3.png Helinika xxx
    9th 6 - 11 November 2000 Heiban Qifeng
    10th 19 - 24 May 2003 xxx xxx
    11th 10 - 15 April 2006 Kodeshia xxx
    12th 10 - 15 August 2009 Chezzetcook xxx
    13th 19 - 23 June 2012 File:Flag (2).png Lusjki xxx
    14th 6 - 11 July 2015 Tilenno xxx
    15th 10 - 15 December 2018 Mursland xxx
    16th 11 - 16 October 2021 File:HelinikanflagMK4-3.png Helinika xxx
    17th xxx 2024 Heiban xxx
    18th xxx 2027 xxx xxx


    Chairman Member State Political Party From To
    1st xxx xxx xxx 1976 1979
    2nd Dzalakhy Maisuradze Samotkhe Amethyst Reformation Party 1979 1982
    3rd Xie Zhejun Kodeshia National Conservative Alliance 1982 1985
    4th xxx Chezzetcook xxx 1985 1988
    5th xxx File:Flag (2).png Lusjki Democracy! 1988 1991
    6th Sone Vèrícho Tilenno Lonàkean Federalist Party 1991 1994
    7th Kleitos Viktorou Mursland Unaligned 1994 1997
    8th xxx File:HelinikanflagMK4-3.png Helinika xxx 1997 2000
    9th King Zuo Jun Heiban - 2000 2003
    10th xxx xxx xxx 2003 2006
    11th xxx Kodeshia xxx 2006 2009
    12th xxx Chezzetcook xxx 2009 2012
    13th xxx File:Flag (2).png Lusjki xxx 2012 2015
    14th xxx Tilenno xxx 2015 2018
    15th xxx Mursland xxx 2018 2021
    16th xxx File:HelinikanflagMK4-3.png Helinika xxx 2021 2024
    17th xxx Heiban xxx 2024 2027
    18th xxx xxx xxx 2027 2030

    Members, Observers, and Guests

    Current Members

    The following countries are member states of the UNC, arranged by continent, showing their year of admission:


    1. File:Flag (2).png Lusjki (1980)
    2. Mursland (1988)
    3. File:HelinikanflagMK4-3.png Helinika (1992)


    1. Tilenno (1984)



    1. Kodeshia (1976)
    2. Heiban (1998)


    The following countries and organizations have observer status:




    There is no permanent guest status but often, several non-member states are represented as guests at summits. In addition, a large number of international organizations are typically invited as guests.

    Former Members

    1. Chezzetcook (1979 - 2015)
    2. Samotkhe (1976 - 2001)

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