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The Right and Sovereign Principality of Suevré

Motto: Viens la douce mort
"Come, Sweet Death"
Anthem: Salut la Liberté
"Hail, Liberty"

Royal anthemGracieuse Suzanne, princesse de nos coeurs
"Graceful Suzanne, Princess of our Hearts"
and largest city
Official languages French
Demonym Suevréaller
Government Unitary Consitutional Monarchy
• Prince
Prince Louis Suzanne François Marlborough III
• Prime Minister
Françoise Ténot
• Granted protectorate status
• Independence
• Incorporation of the New Territories
• Total
1,528 km2 (590 sq mi)
• 2017 estimate
GDP (nominal) estimate
• Per capita
Currency Ducat
Date format
Driving side right
Calling code +876
Internet TLD .sue


Early history

Suevré has its origins within the Ovancian Empire in the creation of the Duchy of Dywnois in 1410. When it was dissolved in 1487, the majority of the Duchy was absorbed into surrounding realms, however a small area was kept separate under the territorial abbacy of the Abbey of Maria-Collier in the town of Suevré.

The Marian Vespers

During the 1550s, the people of the Territorial Abbey grew politically distant from the religious doctrine of Ornans, and as such the Abbot, Marcel Boisotte was censured. By 1557 the continued disobedience of the Boisotte resulted in his capture and immurement within his cell in the Abbey. The local outrage from this event caused a riot and a massacare of Ovancian soldiers and clergymen sent from Ornans, known as the Marian Vespers. A subsequent troop of soldiers sent by the authority of Ornans resulted in the burning down of much of Suevré.

Protectorate status

In 1824, the Emperor granted Suevré to the daughter of his illegitimate child, as a sovereign municipality, a protectorate of Ovancia, under the newly crowned Princess Suzanne Marlborough.

Total independence

Throughout the 1920s, as the Ovancian Empire crumbled, Suevré began to fully disengage from its relations with Ovancia. Through negotiation for war materiel, in 1924 it gained the New Territories, a series of enclaves within Ovancia, mainly the privately owned plantations of prominent Suevréallers.