Sosnivika Accord

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Sosnivika Accord
Abbreviation OCIS
Founded 14 May 1953 (1953-05-14)
Founded at Sosnivika, United Provinces of Rovsnoska and Zaporizhia
Dissolved 22 April 1988
Type Military alliance
Headquarters Sosnivika, United Provinces of Rovsnoska and Zaporizhia

The Sosnivika Treaty Accord (STA), officially the Organisation for the Cooperation of International Socialism, commonly known as the Sosnivika Accord, was a collective defense treaty signed in Sosnivika, United Provinces of Rovsnoska and Zaporizhia between the UPRZ, Aukalnia and Sartland, Osorra, and Tonkina in May 1955.



By 1950 Goetia-UPRZ relations had been at a low point as the UPRZ had been extremely vocal in it's criticism of Goetia's blatant nationalism and failure to cooperate with the UPRZ militarily. Rovskovsky Khrushchev, then secretary general of the UPRZ, believed that Marxist-Volkovists states must band together to defend from outside harm and infighting between the international communist community, albeit historians also speculate Khrushchev wishing to solidify UPRZ influence within friendly communist states being the major factor for the creation of any form of alliance. In 1953 Khrushchev met with Chairman Abakai Wehiyehe of Tonkina and Premier Juris Žvirka of Aukalnia and Sartland in Sosnivika to form the Organization for the Cooperation of International Socialism (OCIS), or Sosnivika Accord. The accord soon went into action, as in 1954 Tonkina came into conflict with Selengeria. The Sosnivika Accord soon sent volunteers and material aid to Tonkina.

Involvement in the Kesh War

Osorra-Tilenno War



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