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Free State of Nyland

Vrystaat Nieuwland
Motto: "Werkers van die wêreld, verenig!"
"Workers of the world, Unite!" (Anglic)
Location of  Nyland  (dark green) – in Avalonia  (green & grey) – in Brigantica  (green)
Location of  Nyland  (dark green)

– in Avalonia  (green & grey)
– in Brigantica  (green)

Capital Koopstad
Official languages Avalonian
Recognised national languages Avalonian, Gardic, Kironian, Portuguese, Brigantic Goidelic
Ethnic groups
Avalonians, Nylanders, Kironians, Briganticans
Demonym Nylandic
Government Deliberative, Directorial Confederation
• 2017 estimate census
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
$ 966 Billion
• Per capita
Gini 44.5
Currency Nylandic Pound (TRD)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Driving side right
Calling code +29

Nyland (Avalonian: 𐌽𐌹𐌴𐌿𐍅𐌻𐌰𐌽𐌳, tr. Nieuwland), officially The Free State of Nyland, is a sovereign multi-ethnic, confederated state in Northern Avalonia. It shares a land border to its west only with Brigantica while its eastern coastline faces the Iapetus Ocean.

The country was established in 1704.

Preliminary info:

Nyland is a former Typerin colony built upon the idea of liberty, localism and freedom if thought. It has built itself up as a place where people are free to join like minded people in small societies with a lot of autonomy over their particular confederate entity.

Nyland does not have a conventional military force due to its location, neutrality, lack of strategic value and national principles. Much of its population is composed of members of pacifist religions such as notQuakers, notAmish and Anarchists.

Confederate security is provided by the Nylandic Home Security Forces. A civilian institution which constitutionally may only possess "non-offensive" weapons. Most Local confederate entities have their own method of policing. typically there is a tradition for unarmed policing.

Freedom of movement of Nyland citizens between confederate entities within Nyland is total, but policies regarding foreign immigration from outside of Nyland are set by each confederate entity. Nyland citizenship can only be obtained by birth and marriage.

The hilly, northern areas are dominated by Gardic Immigrants, mostly socialists. Primary industry is Anthracite coal mining. Not very wealthy but has lowest gini index. Southern areas are mostly Former notDutch Quakers that started a financial industry. Largest city of Nyland is located there and it is by far the wealthiest region and the most diverse as it has the most permissive immigration rules. Eastern areas are mostly Amish folks employed in high-value agriculture. Best cigars in Anterra, and damn good booze as well. Very traditional and conservative, matriarchal, but most peaceful.