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Mareiso, son of Reseres of Ytrivae, was a mythological figure in the Ancient Tilennan culture. he became famous for his journey across the desert of water (Atrivian Sea). He travelled to many fantastical places on his way to the spring of the sea.



Following the events of the Pan-Gantian War, the rivers wouldn’t flood anymore, due to the Sun staying up for an entire month. Thus the king of Ytrivae, Reseres, sent out his eldest son, Mareiso, to travel to the legendary spring of the sea after he consulted the priestesses of Leena, goddess of seas, rivers and lakes. There Mareiso has to make an offer to Leena for it will return the water.

Meanwhile in the Garden of Souls, Leena is severely harmed by Kae, the sungod. Kereno, the god of land, fire and volcanoes takes this opportunity to rise to power, now that Leena is weakened. And so he will do everything in his power to stop Mareiso on his Journey.

The scorched lands

So Mareiso sets sail and travels for 8 days and 8 nights. Rations start running low, so they set foot on the nearest island they can find. They find some trees and wild pigs. They explore the island some more and find a little village on the cliff of a mountain. They decide to spend the night there and in the morning to continue their journey.

But in the middle of the night, the mountain erupts and a stream of lava heads for the village. Luckily Mareiso can escape, but some crew members die in the disaster. The survivors take refuge in the palace, where Mareiso meets Gaura, the king of Fourae.

Gaura proceeds to tell his entire background story. Which basically states that he comes from a long line of noble people and in all these years they have never experienced such an event. Eventually he concludes in a pretty long speech that the foreigners must have caused this tragedy and he banishes them from his land.

Stranded in the desert

So banished from Fourae, Mareiso continues his journey for 4 days and 4 nights. On the 5th day, the winds suddenly stop blowing and Mareiso is trapped in the middle of the ocean.

In the garden of souls it becomes apparent that the situation of Leena is worsening and, Tylae, the god off the winds has stopped performing his duty to care for his mother. But Ruuna, the godess of animals who is aware of the journey of Mareiso tries to convince Tylae to get back to work, but in vain.

So Ruuna takes matters into her own hands and sends a flock of doves and a party of dolphins to carry Mareiso to the nearest island. Kereno shall have none of this and boils the ocean and lets fire rain. But Kae intercepts, still angry for the ravage he caused on Fourae, and so the doves and dolphins carry Mareiso for 2 days and 2 nights. Normally it would have only taken one day, but a lot of animals were still killed.