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Grisham Islands.jpg
The Grisham Islands (Seratofian: Grišam Zeli), officially the Commonwealth of the Grisham Islands, is a group of islands in the South Tethys ocean that collectively form the sole overseas territory of Seratof. The three main islands have a combined land area of 41 km², although Grisham Island comprises 90% of the total land area, and is the only inhabited island. The other islands, being Lezi Island and Hurma Island, are uninhabited. The nearest locale from the islands are at least 3,000 km away in South Kesh.

The islands were previously unknown to Artemian discoverers and explorers. During a routine trip to the Eastern Ramayan colonies, the BS Čezterek was blown off course, with its masts and sails broken. For months, the crew hanged onto the ship, until on the 17th of February 1829, the island was spotted by the ship's captain B.V. Tüze, who led the crew to the island the next day, comprised of 18 men and 7 women. News about the BS Čezterek being lost would not have reached Seratof until the year after, in which the Samot-Seratofian Empire commanded a search in the South Tethys ocean for possible rescue.

In 1836, seven years after the shipwrecked crew first settled on the island, a Samot-Seratofian vessel spotted the shiprweck of the BS Čezterek stranded on Grisham island, and immediately approached the island. The settlers, who have not seen any other humans for seven years, greeted the vessel and helped them disembark. The captain of the ship informed to the settlers that they have been rescued per order of the Samot-Seratofian Empire, and were instructed to return to the mainland. Some agreed to return to the mainland, however, twelve people refused to join on their voyage back, and chose to settle on the island. (Read more...)

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Yu'an Y.15 side.png
A profile view of the Yu'an Y.15, a Kodeshi fighter aircraft used during the Great Kesh War.

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N    12:05  Vignette:A Test of Wills diffhist +5,781 Anikatia talk contribs (Created page with "{{Vignette Start|A Test of Wills|Abdyrna, Colony of Alvastadt|February 12th, 1855}} {{drop|T}}he sun beat mercilessly down on Abdyrna's bustling port. Faramond Graf von und zu Contwig, Governor of Alvastadt, watched from the Governor's House window as yet another vessel made its way into port. {{Indent vig}}Though Abdyrna was no stranger to foreign ships and their unusual cargoes, th...")

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