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This is a list of countries by number of military and paramilitary personnel. It includes any government-sponsored soldiers used to further the domestic and foreign policies of their respective government. The term "country" is used in its most common use, in the sense of state which exercises sovereignty or has limited recognition.

All of the countries listed here, especially those with the highest number of total soldiers such as Goetia and Kodeshia, include a large number of paramilitaries, civilians and policemen in their reserve personnel. Some countries, such as Theyka and Sannlibo, have only volunteers in their armed forces. Other countries, have no national armies, but only a paramilitary force.

Guide to the list

The list consists of columns that can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate title:

  • The names of the states, accompanied by their respective national flags.
  • The number of military personnel on active duty that are currently serving full-time in their military capacity.
  • The number of military personnel in the reserve forces that are not normally kept under arms, whose role is to be available to mobilize when necessary.
  • The number of personnel in paramilitary forces: armed units that are not considered part of a nation's formal military forces.
  • The total number of active, reserve, and paramilitary personnel.
  • The ratio per thousand inhabitants of total military (active, reserve, and paramilitary).
  • The ratio per thousand inhabitants of active military only.

As military forces around the world are constantly changing in size, no definitive list can ever be compiled.

Tooth-to-tail ratio

The numbers of military personnel listed include both support personnel (supplies, construction, and contracting) and actual combat personnel. For a typical country, the proportion of this total that comprises actual combat forces is about 26% (so, for every soldier there will be around three support personnel). This proportion is referred to as the "tooth-to-tail ratio".

Some countries have a considerably smaller tooth-to-tail ratio: For example, some nations have a tooth-to-tail ratio of 17%, meaning that for every combat unit there are around five support units.

List by Anterra Intelligence: Research Institute (AIRI)

Flag Country Active military Reserve military Paramilitary Total
Austrasien Austrasia[1] 450,000 20,000 470,000
Akiteiwa Akiteiwa[2] 834,172
Boaga Boaga[3] 200,000 300,000 500,000 1,000,000
Cagayan Cagayan[4] 258,514 750,000 1,008,514
Cervera Cervera[5] 150,000 55,000 205,000
Goetia Goetia[6] 1,150,284 1,800,000 1,500,000 4,450,284[lower-alpha 1]
Kaya Kaya[7] 1,000,000[lower-alpha 2]
Kodeshia Kodeshia[8] 1,389,314 1,275,000 2,030,000 3,317,000
Heiban Heiban[9] 525,000 828,000 1,353,000
Hwangchu Hwangchu[10] 720,000 1,257,000 0 1,977,000
File:Mespaliaflag.png Mespalia[11] 40,000 3,065,000 3,105,000
Mero-Curgovina Mero-Curgovina[12] 275,000 95,000 370,000
File:Lonk darket.png Modrovia[13] 242,550 127,619 370,169
Mursland Mursland[14] 91,561 11,262 103,348
Nanwen Nanwen[15] 320,000 2,100,000[lower-alpha 3] 2,420,000
Osorra Osorra[16] 600,000 800,000 1,400,000
Selengeria Selengeria[17] 776,200 1,052,500 1,520,000 3,348,700
Theyka Theyka[18] 97,000 25,000 122,000
Tiperyn Tiperyn[19] 1,037,570 1,537,829 1,043,444 3,618,843
Prabhat Prabhat[20] 315,000 315,000
Lestykhol Lestykhol[21] 100,000 2,000,000 2,100,000
Rovsnoska Rovsnoska[22] 622,000 390,000 1,012,000
Ringerike Ringerike[23] 240,000 90,000 330,000
Sannlibo Sannlibo[24] 60,000 15,000 0 75,000
Qingcheng Qingcheng[25] 750,000 2,000,000 2,750,000
Council Republic of Veikaia Veikaia[26] 330,000 250,000 580,000
Yarova Yarova[27] 559,225 559,225
Yeosan Islands Yeosan Islands[28] 350,000
Zahava Zahava[29] 385,592 235,000 620,592

Not included in the list are the militaries of whoever hasn't put their stats in here yet.

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  1. May not include the addition Border Troops, People's Police and Ministry of State Security which may give Goetia over 5 million personnel in uniform during wartime.
  2. Precise personnel strength figures are not known. These figures are extremely rough estimates by Anterra Intelligence and should not be taken definitive but rather a bare minimum.
  3. Size of paramilitary is not known this figure may include paramilitary.