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Komishima Archipelago
Komishima wikimap.png
Location of Komishima (dark green) in East Kesh (light green)
Adjacent bodies of water West Tethys, Jade Sea
Area 49,014 km2 (18,924 sq mi)
Length 1,340 km (833 mi)
Imperial Protectorate North Komishima
Area covered 11,307 km2 (4,366 sq mi; 23.1%)
Realm Viceroyalty Komishima
Area covered 37,706 km2 (14,558 sq mi; 76.9%)
Demonym Komishiman
Additional information
Time zone
  • UTC +6 (North Komishima)
    UTC +7 (South Komishima)

Komishima, alternatively called the Komishima Archipelago or Komichimaketine in Tipsprek meaning "Komishima chain", is an archipelago in Eastern Kesh. Composed of 10 large islands and hundreds of smaller islands, it spans approximately 1,340 kilometers (833 miles) in the Western Tethys Ocean. Komishima shares maritime borders with Shimakawa (a protectorate of Akiteiwa) and the Yuhai Islands of Kodeshia. The closest mainland country is Akiteiwa about 900 kilometers to the northwest.

Komishima is currently politically divided between the Realm Viceroyalty of Komishima, an overseas territory of Tiperyn colloquially known as South Komishima, and North Komishima controlled by Akiteiwa. Control over the archipelago has been contested since the Tiperyn colonization of the area in the 17th century. In 1675, parts of southern Komishima were conquered by Tiperyn and administered jointly from the Yuhai Islands (then referred to as the Jade Sea Islands). During the Akitei Northern War of Independence in 1904, Akiteiwa fully lost Komishima to Tiperyn, but reconquered the entire archipelago at the end of the Kesh Grand Campaigns in the 1920s. The status quo was established at the end of the Great Kesh War in 1959, when a Tiperyn-led coalition decisively defeated the Akitei-Kodeshi fleet off Komishima, dropped a nuclear bomb on an Akitei military base on Komishima, and conducted an amphibious invasion of the archipelago. Komishima's contentious history is a source of tension in Eastern Kesh as it now hosts significant Tiperyner military infrastructure in support of its Selengerian ally, a major rival to Akiteiwa. Akiteiwa, Kodeshia and Hwangchu conduct regular military exercises in Northern Komishima to deter Tiperyner aggression.


Komishima is Akitei for "flavor island" or "spice island", derived from Komishima's dominant historical role as a hub for maritime trade between the Akitei Empires and the Tilenno and East Tethys islanders.