International Movement for Socialism

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International Movement for Socialism
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International Movement for Socialism Logo
      Country of at least one member of the IMS
      Country which is currently led by a member of the IMS (whether as the ruling party or as a member of a governing coalition)
Abbreviation IMS
Motto "Workers of the world, unite!"
Formation October 5th, 1954
Type International non-governmental organisation
Purpose "Support the cooperation between Socialist Parties against anti-socialist actors and ensure a future for Socialism."
Headquarters Ornans,  URSA
Region served
Main organ
Congress of the International Movement for Socialism

The International Movement for Socialism (IMS) is an international congress of communist and socialist parties. Member parties of the IMS espouse ideologies ranging from Duvalism-Wagnerism to democratic socialism.

The objective of the IMS is to further cooperation between leftist parties in Anterra and to defend the continued existence of leftist ideals internationally. The IMS advocates for a continued international struggle against capitalism by any and all means necessary for the creation of an international "world-socialist" order.

The IMS was founded in 1954 by the allied nations of Goetia and the URSA and a later third addition in Cervera, in an attempt to further international cooperation between socialist parties and extend their influence globally. Many parties joined the movement through the 20th century until the present day, with many of said parties gaining control over their respective nations through revolution with the support of IMS member nations. Many experts consider the IMS to function de-facto as a military and economic alliance due to the organization's goals of supporting international socialist integration and unity and the fact many member parties hold direct or partial control over their respective states.

The movement organizes an international party congress every 4 years where all member and observer parties are invited to participate or observe respectively. The goal of the congress is to discuss ideological matters, solve inter-party disputes and push for political action. The host nation of each congress rotates between member parties in government, with the last congress being held in Veikaia.

While the IMS allows membership to a wide array of leftist ideologies, it forbids membership by social democratic political parties.

List of member parties

Country (Feel free to add your own) Party Abbreviation Government status Ideology
 Aftarestan Revolutionary Party of Aftarestan RPA in government Rostamism
 Albel Albel for Values and Labour AVL in government Abigalian Socialism
 Alvakalia People's Party of Alvakalia
(Volkspartei von Alvakalia)
VpA junior party in coalition Duvalism-Wagnerism
 Cervera National Directivist Party
(Partido Directivista Nacional)
PDN In government Directivism
 Chezzetcook Red Party
(Parti Rouge)
PR In opposition Najiluvism
 Encarnação Communist Party of Encarnação
(Partido Comunista Encarnaçeiro)
PCE in opposition Najiluvism
 Gardarike Gardic People's Party GPP in opposition Duvalism
 Goetia Communist Party of Goetia
(Kommunistische Partei Goetia)
KPT in government Duvalism-Wagnerism
Template:Country data Hyberia Aegis Party AP in government Aegis Socialism
 Jinhang Communist Workers Party of Jinhang CWPJ in opposition Duvalism with Avalonian characteristics
 Jungastia Alternative Socialist Movement
(Movimento Alternativa Socialista)
MAS in opposition Progressive Duvalism
 Jungastia Communist Party
(Partido Comunista)
PC in opposition Duvalism
 Jungastia Party of the Proletariat
(Partido do Proletariado)
PdP in opposition Duvalism-Wagnerism
 Mero-Curgovina Global Commune Party of Merandy and Curgovina
(Welbcommungrop ie Merandy ond Curgovy)
WCOM in opposition Duvalism, Najiluvism
 Mero-Curgovina Unity!
VVV in opposition Trade Unionism
 Veikaia Veikan Communist Party
(Veikejanka Komunisti Parta)
VCP in government Najiluvism
 Ramay Ramay Socialist Partisan's Party RSPP in government Duvalism-Wagnerism
Socialist Separatism
 Tavaluda Popular Workers' Party
(Kovêrênîfalek Vånînenu̇)
KV Confidence and supply Syndicalism, Democratic socialism
 Tavaluda Tavaludan Communist Party
VVK in opposition Volkovism
 Thuyiquakliq Quakaliq Socialist Union QSU in opposition Tribal Socialism
 URSA Ovannois People's Party
(Parti Populaire Ovannois)
PPO in government Duvalism-Wagnerist Federalism
 URSA Felibridge Democratic Front
(Front Démocratique de Felibridge)
FDF in government Duvalism-Wagnerist Federalism
 URSA Arancian Communist Party
(Partit Comunista Araní)
PCA in government Duvalism-Wagnerist Federalism
 URSA Elzmark United People's Party
(Elzmark Vereinigte Volkspartei)
EVVP in government Duvalism-Wagnerist Federalism
 URSA Cistrengonian Socialist Party
(Cistrengonische Sozialistische Partei)
CSP in government Duvalism-Wagnerist Federalism
 Yarova Alternative Socialist Movement
(Альтернативное социалистическое движение)
ASD in opposition Duvalism-Wagnerist, Left-wing nationalism
 Zaporizhia Communist Party of Zaporizhia
(Запорожская коммунистическая партия)
VpA junior party in coalition Volkovism

List of observer and applicant parties

Country (Feel free to add your own) Party name Abbreviation Government Orientation Applied
 Chezzetcook Popular Red Party
(Parti Rouge Populaire)
PRP Not in Government Najiluvism 2016
 Mero-Curgovina Continuation Red Youth Faction
(Sintainy Rodjuga Faction)
SRJF suspended Left-wing Nationalism 2006
 Mero-Curgovina Govic Young Socialists' Coalition YSOC in opposition Najiluvism 1999
 SiWallqanqa Communist Party of SiWi CPSW in opposition coalition Qhotexlist Communism 2018
 SiWallqanqa People's Socialist Party PSP in opposition coalition Socialist Nationalism 2018
 SiWallqanqa Traditionalist-Socialist Movement TSM in opposition coalition Christian Socialism 2018
 SiWallqanqa Friends of the Workers FWO member of in power coalition Guild Socialism 2018

Note: the four Socialist parties in SiWallqanqa only achieved legitimacy within their own country in 2018, but have been extant for a longer time