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Haqiqatan Confederation of Central Kesh

Flag of
Motto: هیچ خدایی جز الله وجود ندارد!
There is No God but Allah!

Official languages Kodeshi
Government Confederation
• 2022 census
Gini .54
Date format AH

The Haqiqatan Confederation of Central Kesh abbreviated as the HCCK is a confederation of 5 Haqiqatan kingdoms in Central Kesh along with a breakaway Republic. Members of the Confederation are given complete autonomy in matters of domestic affairs however come together on issues related to foreign affairs, defense, and trade arrangements. Every 5 Years the members elect 2 representatives to select the Grand Vizier and ever 2 years representatives to the Grand Council are selected based on population. Members of the Confederation are able to fund the Confederation at their voluntary discretion and limit its affairs to that of defense and coordination.

The Confederation was first theorized in the 1880s by various Islamic societies on the Kodeshi frontier. The idea was adopted by the Mizradei House who spread the ideal to the monarchy of Mehmet, Saria, Turkmens, and Saika. They gradually broke away from Kodeshi rule and formed the Confederation in 1910. Qobad in Hydar showed interest in joining and finally joined during the Kodeshi Civil War. The Confederation fought several was with Kodeshia but finally agreed to peace in the 60s. Relations with Kodeshia improved and eventually the Confederation joined Sanqing. The Confederation is still thought to be held together through the influence of the Mizradei House who control the major financial institutions within.

The Confederation is a member of KTEC and Sanqing. It has significant links to the Sinitic world and is often seen as its "frontier" region farther away from the traditional norms and authority on the coast. State authority is limited in much of the HCCK where decentralization and traditional political institutions are more prevalent. The HCCK posses thousands of ethnic groups many of which are nomadic peoples not tied to any particular location. While traditionally one of the poorest countries in Kesh its members today enjoy extremely fast growing vibrant economies. Mehmet State has seen a massive fracking boom in recent years that has made the Confederation a dominant player in Kesh's energy sector.