Air Rescue Brigade

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Air Rescue Brigade
Flyby formation of ARB helicopters
Active 1999 - present
Country  Kitoko
Type Police Aviation
Role Law enforcement
Search and rescue
Aerial firefighting
Port security
Border control
Fleet 14 Helicopters
3 Fixed-wing Aircraft

The Air Rescue Brigade (ARB) is a division of the Agency for Public Safety responsible for airborne law enforcement and public safety. Its primary responsibilities include search and rescue, air ambulance, firefighting, and airborne support of police operations. The unit frequently operates in tandem with partner agencies such as the Marine Safety Squadron and Special Assault Service.


Photo Name Role Origin Length MTOW Quantity Notes
ARB bighelo.jpg KI Eagle Heavy Search and Rescue  Kitoko 19.0 meters 8,710 kg 3 in service
ARB medhelo.jpg Search and Rescue 11.6 meters 4,300 kg 7 in service
ARB smallhelo.jpg Urban Search and Rescue 9.86 meters 3,130 kg 4 in service
Fixed-wing Aircraft
ARB jet.jpg Maritime Patrol Aircraft 16.3 meters 7,760 kg 2 in service
ARB plane.jpg T.73 Kråke Patrol/Trainer  Ringerike 10.9 meters 3,000 kg 1 in service